Leading the way forward


Creating the Accord™ brand

To advance their mission of helping people live their greatest lives, the nonprofit organization Community Involvement Programs (CIP) wanted a new name and brand identity to better capture the value they bring to the people they serve—a brand that a wide array of stakeholders could embrace and support.

In a comprehensive and collaborative rebranding effort, PLDG created Accord.

Through competitive research, thoughtful analysis and lively discussions with stakeholders, PLDG helped rename the organization and redefine their unique value proposition and brand promise to bring greater clarity to the organization’s mission, vision and values.

“Creating a new brand identity is a major undertaking,” said Accord Marketing Director John Stanton. “PLDG walked us through the process step by step, developing a clear and unmistakable brand that captures the shared understanding and promise we make every day to the people we support.”

Using the brand strategy and messaging platform as a guide, PLDG was able to quickly create tactics to help launch the brand, including advertisements for community directories and an informational brochure.

To learn more about Accord and the important work they do, visit accord.org.

Adding the new brand, imagery and motion to Accord’s website helped showcase the organization’s mission—helping people live their greatest lives.
To guide rebranding efforts, stakeholders helped define the brand attributes that set the stage for the new name and value proposition.
The client chose from a variety of logo options to find the one that best conveyed the attributes of the new brand.
To help Accord tell its story, we defined the images that reinforce the new brand in a meaningful and authentic way.
To set the stage for the launch, we developed an inspirational mantra to capture the purpose, goals and aspirations of the new brand promise.