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Creating digital-first content

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and American Public Media (APM) work hard to achieve their mission of enriching minds, nourishing spirits, expanding perspectives and strengthening communities. For their 2019 annual report, they asked PLDG to help them create a digital-first report that showcases the impact made by listeners’ generous donations.

The report’s design features beautiful, eye-catching imagery that ties to the theme of “Inspiring Curiosity. Connecting Communities.” Compared to a printed report, this new multimedia format enabled MPR and APM to showcase more of the dynamic content and rich storytelling made possible by donor support.

Throughout the report, animation is used to enhance engagement. Important statistics and numbers such as contributing members, dollars pledged and weekly radio listeners “add up” in real time, and a parallax scrolling effect adds a dynamic feel to the site.

PLDG is proud to partner with MPR and APM on this project. By going digital with their annual report, they were able to reduce waste while providing relevant stories to their audience in a personal, meaningful way.

To see the report, visit

Pop-up boxes call out individual programs and initiatives, giving curious readers the ability to click and learn more about the topics they care about.

Listener quotes and testimonials are prominently positioned throughout the report, helping to reinforce the reasons why MPR and APM programming resonates so deeply with people in the communities they serve.