Digital storytelling


Mapping Cargill’s beef sustainability story

Appetites have helped feed the $84 billion beef industry in the United States and Canada. But today’s consumer also craves transparency. To help instill confidence that consumers are getting the high-quality, well-cared-for beef they demand, Cargill needed a new and engaging way to tell its supply chain story.

Using unique story-mapping technology, PLDG wrote, designed and helped produce a digital story map that shows consumers where their beef comes from and the partnerships Cargill is forming to bring beef to the table sustainably and cost effectively.

Cargill’s sustainability story unfolds as users scroll through the online tool, learning about each critical link in the supply chain — from ranchers to feedyards to plants to consumers. Through a combination of authentic photography, engaging infographics, interactive maps and narrated videos, each roll of the mouse provides a glimpse into what it means to be doing well by doing right for the animals, the land and the community.

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