A powerhouse of project managers added to team

At PLDG, our clients count on us to bring powerful ideas to life and connect people to their brand. And it’s all made possible by project managers who keep our projects on track to deliver the best possible results. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome two new members to our project management team.

Senior Project Manager Bernadette Fox
Experienced and multi-talented, Bernadette brings senior-level acumen to our team. She has 10 years of experience managing complex projects and is an excellent communicator and problem-solver. As senior project manager, she leads projects with client teams and works closely with our senior account director and president. We’re excited to have her expertise and are impressed with the way she has hit the ground running. 

Account Coordinator Tyla Gresczyk
When it comes to staying organized and bringing creative solutions to a project, Tyla has it covered. She has a degree in business management along with a graduate certificate in project management. Her duties as account coordinator include project management and administrative assistance to senior executives, including our president. Tyla has quickly become a key member of our project management team and has been doing great work.

Welcome to the team, Bernadette and Tyla!