Making magic

  • Digital campaign
  • Video

Inspiring people to calculate costs for retirement

AARP wanted to get people thinking about how much money they’ll need for health care in retirement. In a multimedia campaign, AARP asks consumers, “What’s your magic number?,” driving people to AARP’s free, online Health Care Costs Calculator and explaining how simple lifestyle changes add up to big savings over time.

The campaign uses bilingual videos and animated banner ads, adding an unexpected “magic” quality by filming colorful exploding powder and glitter in slow motion in lieu of traditional title cards, with custom music and beautiful visuals to tell the story.

Angela started running when she found out her magic number was $57,177 — the amount she may save on health care by losing weight.

Daniel discovered he may save more than $35,000 in future health care costs by lowering his weight and blood pressure.

Maria found her recipe for success may save her more than $45,000 on health care costs when she retires by eating healthier.

PLDG Senior Art Director Heather Laubach, who oversaw production, shares the creative challenges of incorporating the concept of “magic” and saving for health care.