Words matter.

Messaging can often be the toughest thing to get right — and the most important. A good messaging platform is a cornerstone of your brand. It summarizes your value proposition and helps to ensure a clear, consistent and captivating connection with your target audience.

Whether you’re developing a messaging platform from scratch or taking a second look at one you’re already using, including these five components will give you all the ingredients you need to fuel a winning marketing campaign.

  1. The key idea. Keep it short and sweet. Remember, this is your elevator speech. In three sentences or less, what is it you want people to know?
  1. The value proposition. What three or four things make your product, service, company or initiative different from everyone else? And how does that help your audience?
  1. Reasons to believe. In a sentence or two, tell audiences why your differences matter by reinforcing each component of your value proposition.
  1. Supporting points. This is where you can provide the details to back up your claims, such as statistics or specifics about your product or service.
  1. Call to action. This component is often overlooked. What do you want people to do? How do they need to do it? Never assume they already know.

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