PLDG puts the power of design into motion

Using a photography technique called “light painting,” PLDG senior art directors Heather Laubach and John Haines teamed up with Picture Machine Productions to create a video tribute to the power of design for PLDG’s 35th anniversary.

In this late-night still shot taken at the Washington Avenue Bridge near the Weisman Art Museum, PLDG Senior Art Director John Haines creates ribbons of color using a pixelstick.

“We created designs that played off the shapes and colors of PLDG’s logo and loaded them onto a ‘pixelstick,’ a 1″ x 60″ LED wand,” John explains. “Over the course of three nights, we shot at locations around Minneapolis, walking slowly in front of a camera that was set at a very low shutter speed to create the ribbons of color seen in our video. Then we repeated each maneuver multiple times to get the desired effect.”

Working in collaboration with Daniel Cummings and Justin Meredith from Picture Machine Productions, the images were then composited together to create vibrations and pulses of color. Images were taken at several locations along the Minneapolis riverfront, and also at the Weisman Art Museum and the Sculpture Garden at Walker Art Center.

Design Has the Power from Peggy Lauritsen Design Group on Vimeo.