PLDG brand work sets the stage for global health outreach

PLDG was recently in New York City to support the launch of RHD Action, a global partnership to end rheumatic heart disease (RHD) sponsored by the Medtronic Foundation, the World Heart Federation and RhEACH.

The event, which featured brand and launch materials created by PLDG, was held in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly, calling on world leaders to end one of the world’s most preventable killers of women and children. Because 80 percent of the 32 million people suffering from this disease live in the developing world, the campaign sought to humanize RHD by sharing stories and inspiring people to take action.

Event materials needed to be flexible enough to transport and use at similar events around the world. In addition to a center-stage display, we designed multiple backdrop stations representing living conditions that contribute to RHD, paired with statistics and story banners to drive home how RHD affects those living in poverty.

“The RHD Action launch was unanimously thought of as one of the more experiential, meaningful side events of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2015. PLDG’s creative talent helped us bring to light a neglected disease that few had heard of until that evening. PLDG helped us paint the real life ‘story of RHD,’ setting the right tone and feel for an event that tugged on the heartstrings of all who attended. Congrats to the PLDG team who were brilliant partners throughout the process; you were flexible, creative and very considerate. You broke the mold on global health launches!”

– Founding Partners of RHD Action

Learn more at RHDAction.org.

I was honored to be part of a life-changing cause. It was rewarding to see our work strike an emotional chord on a global scale.”
– PLDG Senior Art Director Heather Laubach