Making prosperity possible

All Twin Cities residents should have the opportunity to live and prosper in a community of their choice.

To support local economic development in underserved communities and help make prosperity possible for everyone who calls the Twin Cities home, Land Bank Twin Cities is launching a new capital campaign using visual storytelling to raise awareness.

Land Bank Twin Cities provides real estate services to benefit people with low to moderate incomes, communities of color and populations facing barriers. The work they do behind the scenes is complex and often invisible. To educate potential donors about the role they play, PLDG developed a theme — Prosperity Possible — and used visual illustration to help potential donors understand their mission-driven strategy and process, as seen below.

Since its inception, the organization has helped thousands of small- and large-scale initiatives to uplift communities and populations. This capital campaign, set to launch later this year, will allow them to make an even greater impact in the decades to come.

“It’s a privilege to be able to do meaningful design work for a great partner like Land Bank, whose mission-driven real estate development benefits people facing barriers.”

— Viera Hartmannova, Senior Art Director, PLDG


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