Ecolab transforms business sustainably

Sustainability is at the core of Ecolab’s purpose — making the world cleaner, safer and healthier by protecting people and vital resources. And it’s Ecolab’s unique partnership with customers that makes the company’s sustainability initiative really stand out. Discover how Ecolab and its customers are “Doing Better Together” and how they are transforming business sustainability at more than 1 million locations around the world.

From partnering with customers to achieve their goals, to preserving fresh water and reducing energy use and waste, to maintaining high-performing operations, Ecolab’s sustainability report showcases the power of partnership. Pictures and stories of real customer outcomes reinforce the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, showcasing what can be accomplished by working together.

The Ecolab sustainability report lives primarily online to further promote the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Click here to page through it for yourself.

We collaborated with Ecolab to develop a theme for this year’s report and a visually expressive design chronicling the results Ecolab helps create with its customers. Our knowledge of the brand allowed us to further promote the report’s online presence and extend the reach of Ecolab’s sustainability message.”

– Linda Gosslin, Senior Account Director, PLDG

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