Communicating performance: Ecolab’s Annual Report

See how PLDG helped Ecolab sum up performance in their recently released annual report.

The Challenge:
Communicating 2014 results to shareholders and setting the stage for future performance.

The Solution:
Using best practices for annual reporting, PLDG called out key achievements through emboldened messaging, infographics and images that convey high visual impact to reinforce the company’s position as a global industry leader.

The Result:
Ecolab’s 2014 Annual Report succeeds in capturing the challenges and accomplishments of 2014 in what has become a cornerstone communication.

By using infographics to call out key achievements, we were able to tell Ecolab’s 2014 success story in two ways — both informative and visual.”
– Viera Hartmannova, PLDG Senior Art Director