AARP videos attract 1,350,000 views

AARP is working its magic to help people save money on health care in retirement, with help from the teams at PLDG and Optum. Check out the latest video series we produced to get the word out about AARP’s Health Care Costs Calculator. The campaign received more than 1.3 million YouTube views (and counting).

The campaign uses bilingual videos and animated banner ads to make people think about their future health care costs by asking, “What’s your magic number?” — the amount of money needed to save for health care in retirement. Each video shows how making a few lifestyle changes can add up to big health care savings while also driving traffic to AARP’s Health Care Costs Calculator.

The challenge was finding a way to pair the idea of ‘magic’ with saving for health care in retirement, and bring it to life in an enchanting and inspiring way. The results showcase the amazing collaboration between PLDG, our clients and our production partners.”

- Heather Laubach, PLDG Senior Art Director

The topic of saving for health care can be a serious one, but PLDG, AARP and Optum wanted to infuse the campaign with some lightheartedness. We created the series to have an unexpected “magic” quality by filming colorful exploding powder and glitter in slow motion in lieu of traditional title cards. Custom music was created to convey the emotion of each video, while beautiful visuals and on-screen text tell the story even if the sound is muted.

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