5 ways infographics help you tell your brand story

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why infographics are the perfect solution for making complex information easy to understand, so you can connect more people to your brand.

Here are five reasons why visuals work so well:

  1. Pictures save time. Graphics — like this scrollable example from Visual Capitalist — convey big ideas in very little time to make sure your message hits the mark.
  1. Color creates memory. Studies show color makes information more memorable. For a visual that’ll stick with you, check out this simple but engaging rainbow image comparing the world’s biggest brands.
  1. Images make data digestible. Numbers can be complex. But charts and graphs like these turn your data into pictures to simplify your message and make it more inviting.
  1. Icons communicate identity. Brand icons are instantly recognizable, acting as a type of shorthand for your brand identity. Here’s one example of how this flexible visual tool can strengthen the connection between your brand and your message.
  1. Visuals are shareable. Infographics make it easy for readers to share your message across channels, spreading awareness of your brand — as PLDG did in this example using digital storytelling to illustrate sustainability in the beef industry.

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