Achieve results that shine — the
first time.

Innovative Chemistry + Actionable Insights + Personalized Service

SMARTPOWER™ is a complete warewashing program
that uses proprietary chemistry, actionable insights
and world-class service to save on labor and utility use,
resulting in the lowest total cost for your operations.

Gain complete control over your procedures.

Only SMARTPOWER™ offers a unique blend of information and chemistry to help you and your employees ensure the best results.

  • Improve your operations through action indicators,
    training videos and 24/7 data capture. A
    high-resolution LCD screen displays product images
    and easy-to-follow instructions in multiple languages.

  • Alarms indicate when action is needed, such as low temperature, refill product and wash tank change alerts.

  • The “Mute Alarm” option gives you time to resolve the issue.

  • Help staff learn proper procedures with training videos that provide step-by-step, language-free instruction.

  • Understand your warewashing performance: The status screen displays how many racks have been washed outside of normal operation.

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Take it for a spin

Our chemistry gets the job done
— the first time.

  • Detergent: Reduces rewash by preventing food soils from reattaching to dishes.
  • Rinse aid: Eliminates hand polishing with no spotting and quick dry time.
  • Presoak: Breaks down baked-on proteins and starches, resulting in sparkling flatware.
  • Manual detergent: Attacks tough food soils while feeling soft on the hands.
  • Sanitizer: Reduces food safety risks in a small, compact form.

Achieve operational efficiency with personally delivered service.

  • Ensure consistent results with regular on-site visits and preventive maintenance.
  • Stay up and running with 24/7/365 responsiveness.
  • Help your staff feel confident with on-site training.
  • Receive personalized insights from your Service Detail Report.

Don’t take our word for it; customers share their experiences.

  • Implementing SMARTPOWER™ cut out two days per week of employee hand polishing.”

    American Bar, Las Vegas, NV

  • SMARTPOWER™ has allowed us to reduce plastic waste in our kitchens by 90%.”

    School District, Boston, MA

  • We returned $2,000 of new glassware after SMARTPOWER™ made our old wares sparkle!”

    Country Club, Charleston, SC

Get full visibility and control
your dishmachine performance.

Reduce rewash and hand polishing, decrease labor costs and save water and energy.

Identify opportunities to improve your warewashing performance and efficiency.

Actionable insights enable your Ecolab technician to monitor and service your warewashing operation, removing the guesswork.

  • The Service Detail Report empowers you to take the right steps to achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

  • Key performance metrics detail the percentage of racks washed at the desired rinse and wash temperatures for quality control.

  • An efficiency summary reflects training and cost-savings opportunities.

  • Alarms alert you to variances in rinse or wash temperature, low detergent and rinse additive levels and wash tank changes, giving your team immediate insights to help guide good processes.

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All of these trends contribute to more challenging warewashing.

  • Less water usage

    Twenty years ago, dishmachines used 1.5 to 2 gallons of water per rack. Today, it’s <1 gallon/rack.

  • Higher-protein diets

    Today, consumers are eating higher-protein diets than they did in the past, which is tougher on wares.

  • Procedures have
    not changed

    Pre-scrapping hasn’t changed, and the same amount of wares are running through dishmachines.

SMARTPOWER™ chemistry is specifically formulated to reduce rewash and hand polishing, resulting in cleaner
wares and dishmachines.

Streamline your operations and save.


  • Reduce labor costs by
    $3,042, eliminating
    304 hours annually.
  • Save up to 18,250 racks
    run every year.1

1 Based on running 500 racks per day and reducing
racks by 10%.


  • Save $256 each year by conserving up to
    18,250 gallons of water.2
  • Save $301 each year by reducing energy
    usage by
    301 therms.

2 Based on running 500 racks per day and reducing
racks by 10%.


  • Use SMARTPOWER™ products that are 100% phosphate-free and 99.7% phosphorus-free.
  • Reduce up to
    249 pounds of plastic
    disposal each year.3

3 Versus five-gallon plastic pails, based on running 500
racks per day.

Results may vary based on your specific set of

Are your dishes getting as clean as
they should be?

You’d be surprised what’s being left on the plate. Slide the bar to see how enzymes in SMARTPOWER™
solid detergent wash away protein residue — evidenced by the blue dye — to give you results that shine.

Hero before Hero after

Optimize your operation.

SMARTPOWER™ + EHT Dishmachine +
SMARTCYCLE™ = A comprehensive
warewashing program that does it all

You’ll experience best-in-class results and the lowest total cost of operation with our innovative technology, combined with the latest chemistry and the highest levels of service.

Click on a technology below to see smart cleaning in action.

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    Automated Procedures
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    High-Pressure Rinse

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Helping you keep your employees

Reduce risks and drive efficiency with easy-to-use, safe products for your team.

  • Eliminate toxic chemical spills with solid, non-caustic chemistry.
  • Avoid errors with color- and shape-coded chemistry blocks.
  • Easily handle and store compact, lightweight blocks that don’t require personal protective equipment.
  • Achieve GHS and OSHA compliance.

Driving efficiency for you.

Our research, development and testing results help you reduce rewash and hand polishing — saving on energy and labor costs.

Research & Testing. 20,000 data points + 2,000 photos collected. In 200 customer locations around the world
Findings. Protein is on 71% of wares. Dishmachines use <1 gallon of water/rack. Rewashing and hand polishing are common.
Development. Smartpower™ attacks the toughest food soils + prevents them from reattaching to wares. Decreases the impact when procedures aren’t followed.

Solutions for every warewashing challenge.

Set yourself apart from the competition with the highest level of cleanliness and food safety. Our innovative chemistry, actionable insights and personal service deliver powerful, efficient and sustainable results.


Call 1.800.35.CLEAN to learn more about SMARTPOWER™.

Let’s take warewashing to the next level.

Let’s make your operation simpler.

Let’s raise a spotless glass to your customers.

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