PLDG helps Ecolab tell its Healthcare story


May 2016

Ecolab is giving visitors an inside look at how the company makes the world cleaner, safer and healthier with a visual marketing exhibit for its Healthcare division. The area along the tour route, designed by PLDG for the company’s Eagan facility, shows how Ecolab is helping prevent healthcare–associated infections that cost the industry $10 billion each year.

To transform the space, PLDG inspected the site, developed the creative concept and partnered with fabrication experts to bring it to life. The result — a simulated operating room setting and three-dimensional infographic — is as eye-catching as it is informative.

As one stop on a larger tour, Ecolab’s latest visual marketing display helps visitors see and understand the many ways Ecolab’s people, products and technology are changing healthcare for the better.

“After an on-site inspection, we were able to manage every aspect of design and deployment, from concept to installation, in a very tight timeframe.”
– Amy Clarke, President, PLDG

“We used a combination of visual storytelling and powerful proof points to help people quickly and easily understand what Ecolab does in the healthcare space.”
– Viera Hartmannova, Senior Art Director, PLDG

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