AARP videos attract 1,350,000 views

November 2016 AARP is working its magic to help people save…
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PLDG wins national web award

The new Andersen Corporation careers website — created…
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Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 from the team at PLDG!
power of design

PLDG Puts the Power of Design into Motion

Using a photography technique called “light painting,” PLDG…

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2015!

PLDG would like to wish you a happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2…
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AARP Captures 400,000 Clicks

How do you tell your story to a million people in an email…

Adding Zoom to Velocity

Creating a new product brand that powers potential Velocity,…

September Is Bed Bug Awareness Month

September marks Bed Bug Awareness Month. PLDG worked with…