Impact on Arrival


Annual report showcases best practices

Your annual report is a critical advocate for your brand. It has a big job to do engaging readers and stakeholders with critical information. Jeremiah Program’s Annual Report is a great example of how a theme, imagery, prose and a truly meaningful mission come together to tell a story like nothing else can.

PLDG helps organizations — from nonprofits to Fortune 500 global companies — communicate stories and key messages in fresh and energizing ways. These reports provide more than just a snapshot in time. They serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Financial reports to donors
  • Sustainability reports to stakeholders
  • Annual reports to employees and investors
  • Global philanthropy reports
  • Global citizenship reports
  • Doubling as capabilities brochures to expand reach


Previous year’s annual report strategy wins design award

Hope Is Inherited

The impact of the “Hope Is Inherited” theme gracing the front and back covers of this winning annual report design were undeniable from the moment copies arrived in the mail, nested in clear envelopes.