Andersen Opens a “Window to a Better World”

Andersen Corporation’s sustainability report communicates a longstanding commitment to sustainability, from the forest, to operations, to customers’ homes and ultimately, to communities. As the largest window and door manufacturer in North America and with sales worldwide, Andersen’s sustainability impact is far-reaching.

The “Window to a Better World” report illustrates how Andersen drives sustainability through design, sourcing, manufacturing and delivery, with a focus on product stewardship. The sustainability report lives on Andersen’s new corporate website, both of which were created in partnership with PLDG.

Andersen’s report demonstrates the power of a compelling sustainability story in the highly competitive building industry. It’s designed to appeal to external customers, such as designers, architects and homeowners, and is also an important internal tool used to drive improvements and engage employees.

Using stunning photos of natural environments made visible through gracefully constructed spaces, the report strikes the perfect balance between product and purpose. Images and words come together to punctuate Andersen’s sustainability mission, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

“Sustainability reports allow companies to tell their stories to diverse and socially connected audiences. It’s the perfect venue for showcasing a company’s greater purpose and the things they’re doing to help shape a better world.”
— Bob Upton, PLDG Creative Director

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