AARP Captures 400,000 Clicks


How do you tell your story to a million people in an email and get 40% of them to open it? AARP got members thinking about how much to save for health care in retirement by using a compelling subject line and infographic to promote a free online calculator and other resources.

“We were able to tell our story in seconds, driving home important information our members need to know. This is now a benchmark for other AARP infographics.”
– Beth McNamara, AARP

The infographic, part of a two-year marketing partnership with PLDG, Optum and AARP, was used to promote the Health Care Costs Calculator and painted a compelling picture of health care costs in retirement.

Targeting member audiences, AARP delivered this four-part infographic via an email that “clicked” with audiences, garnering an open rate of 40%. Upon opening the email, viewers got fast access to the online tool and other helpful resources, presented in a simple, memorable and visually compelling way. Learn more >

“AARP’s infographic adds a powerful component to their two-year marketing campaign, not only because it’s visually engaging and compelling but also because it’s so easy to share.”
– Sharon Stanton, PLDG Senior Account Director

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